Need Help with MigRecover.exe

I'm trying to use the migrecover.exe to extract the data from a Windows Easy Transfer archive I created since using WET will not open it(Microsoft really screwed the pooch on this one uhh!). I enter the correct syntax into the command prompt and it returns "Extracting files. 100% completed. The database containing the file names could not be completely recovered. Because of this error one or more of your files will be recovered with generic file names." Unfortunately, it does not extract the data to the specified location, generic names or not. There is no recovery of the data at all even though it gives a 100% completion on the extraction.

I've been trying for almost a year to retrieve the data stored in this archive to no avail. Can someone please help me figure this out. Thanks in advance for your knowledge and experience.

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I started out with this site. Its where I downloaded the migrecover app to begin with. I'm starting to think Microsoft screwed this up intentionally just to charge people tech support fees.

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