need help with my sound card

well about 5 days ago i upgraded to windows 7 ultimate from windows vista and now i get a message saying "no audio output device is installed" i tried a lot of things and guides but nothing worked so i got some pics i will post them here if i can please help i want my sound back

thanks =)

Capture1.PNG Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG

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yeah that worked thanks a lot mate =)


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You bet. Glad you were able to resove your problem and thanks for posting back with the update. You may find some of the other drivers there helpful if you have any other issues. I think there is a chipset driver and a couple others that might be worth looking at.
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yeah i am going to have a look there now see what i can get thanks

EDIT: what about this 1? NVIDIA all in 1 driver package ver: 15.37


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That is likely the chipset package for your Motherboard and likely a good one to install.


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You might want to try option #2 on this page and see if there is something even newer from the actual Motherboard manufacturer. Just click the motherboard drivers button and see what they've got and compare the version number.

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