Windows 7 Need Help with PS3 Controller on PC

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    Hi Guy's...

    1stly, i wanna say "NICE FORUM" big ups! Just stumbled on it not so long ago, and already it has helped me out alot!

    I need some help, if possible i would like to use a PS3 controller (Dreamgear: DreamGEARPS3 Shadow 6 Wireless Controller - Camo) on my PC, i have the USB cable that fits into this controller, but if i need to get the Bluetooth device i can, but i don't wanna get it before i know it will work for sure! I've tried a few things already, some application (cant think of the name it think it is DS3 or something).

    This is my PC Specs:

    Would really appreciate your assistance with this....

    EDIT: I am running WIndows 7 Ultimate, 64Bit with latest updates to date.

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