Windows 7 Need help with restoring "Send Feedback"


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Mar 17, 2009
I decided to upgrade from build 7048 to 7057 using the upgrade option. Everything went well, but now I can't seem to find the option to send feedback anywhere.
Any ideas on how to go about doing that, or was that removed for build 7057?:confused:
So, there is no desktop icon or on any program you execute?

You can try this registry hack:

Go to Start > Run, and type regedit and hit Enter. navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch, then expand Control panel, then click on the Desktop key. locate FeedbacktoolEnabled, right-click and choose modify and change the value to 3.

If that doesn't work, change the value to 1.

You may have to restart for it to take effect.
Tried it before but that isnt even in my registry, i think ccleaner may have nuked my build. Im going forward with a reformat. I must admit reformatting is much faster under windows 7 than ever before. Its actually quite fun.
Good choice, I just noticed you did an upgrade. that is definitely the wrong choice.

If you need help with the format, just ask.
I think your right, they had the option in 7048, but I just did a fresh install of 7057 and its no longer there. Maybe because its getting close to RC.
Microsoft doesn't even really want feedback from these builds. They are not for public release. They are all bug hunting issues, sent out to individual concerns and, as such, have not been thouroughly checked for other, more dangerous, faults. The individual organisations who receive the builds, have other methods of communication.

Microsoft certainly, under those circumstances, do not need all users of illegal downloads, telling them , for example, that desktop.ini opens on startup, or that a build cannot network to an XP machine!!
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