Need help with setting up network

Hey guys, im having problems setting up my network, due to the fact, I cannot find anything, and its way different from windows XP. Heres my set up.

I don't have a modem, due to the fact my mom refuses to get internet for the house, even if my dad pays for it, so I use Sprint Mobile broadband, a USB modem. (parents are divorced, live in different places)

So I have my main XP machine, that has the sprint card.

I share that connection out to my router. From my router, I have my xbox, and my other three computers.

I also have my Windows 7 machine on the router as well.

I need a walk through on how to get my win7 machine to see the internet. Now, I have it all setup correct, because all my other shit works.

I am also not farmilar with the term home group, all I know (im assuming) its another word for network...

I was at my dads house, and it worked fine, all I did was plug the internet cable in... then when I came back to my moms house, Im having problems connecting it to my network... So it did work at one time.

Thanks guys :)


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.....i fixed it.....

it was the damn cable I was useing....

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