Need help with Windows Live Mail in Windows 7?


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Hi guys.

I'm having problems with Windows Live Mail.
I tried to send a message that didn't go through for some reason it had 3 PDF files attached.
I think there was a problem with one of them.

Now it keeps trying to send the message every time I log into mail.

I can't find any Outbox that you can actually view.
So I can't tell it to stop trying to send it or delete it.
Why don't the have an Outbox the have everything eles?

Anyway it's causing Live Mail to freeze when I try to send new messages some times and asking me if I want to send the messages in the outbox every time I exit it.

Anyone have any idea how I can get it to stop trying to send this message?



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I've made progress in the wrong direction.

I found information at Microsoft that said the answer to getting rid of the message was to switch to offline mode, open Outbox (it appeared in the list when I went offline) then delete the offending message.

I found the message, it showed as having no contents so something went wrong when I tried to send it, but anyway it's gone.

Now I can't get Live Mail to switch back to online mode.

When I click on the orb, click go online, or click send receive it get a windows asking if I want to switch to "Work Online".
The problem is that it comes up over and over and never switches to online mode so now nothing will work.

I can't send or receive.

I have open and closed Live Mail, rebooted and nothing seems to help.
I'm about to give up and reinstall it, AGAIN, maybe it's time to go back to Thunderbird, I've had a lot of problems with Live Mail.



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Mike I found this

Windows essentials has a particular oddity. If you go offline in one (like messenger) no matter what you do you cant go online in WLM until you change messenger. Check whatever bits of essentials you have installed.

If that doesnt work re-install all of it.


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That's what I ended up doing.
I had to do it twice but it did work eventually.

Thanks for the reply.


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