Need Help

Whenever i start my computer when it starts normally but when i input my password it takes a long time to start windows and when it does start the screen stays black for up to 45 minutes(or it just stays black and i need to restart). Then every action takes like 30 times as long till i do them a few times. The the computer start to run in a normal way(seemingly at least). The internet stops responding more often leaving me wait for a while every few minutes unless i just sit and watch something online. My memory has 5.8Gb usable space of 6Gb and my harddrive has 6Gb space free of like 6.7Gb so i don't think it is an issue of space. I don't know if it a virus or something on my computer that is glitch please someone tell me you can help me.

Disc Clean up fixed everything. Thanks for the help.


Terrific! You're very welcome, glad I could help.


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