Need Information Regarding RAM.

HI i have Dell Precession 490 Work Station with 8 GB RAM ( FBR ) i am using windows 7 32 bit.when i check properties,its shows me installed memory 8GB and used memory 3.5 GB.I know 32 bit operating systems only support 4gb ram.
My question is : the system is only showing 4gb and using all 8gb ram ... or it is actually using 4 gb and the remaining 4gb is useless?Kindly help in this regard.


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Every thing that I've ever seen says it's only using some where between 3 and 4 gigs and I won't use more unless you switch to 64 bit.

Home Premium will use up to 8 and you have to go with Pro to use more then that.

Correction: Home premium can use up to 16.

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x86 will 'see' / 'use' a max of 3.25 regardless of how much RAM is actually in the machine. x64 will 'see' & 'use' all the RAM there is available in the machine.


Thank you very much . And if i use Windows XP 64 bit that will also use 8 GB instead of 4 GB?

Well, as stated, x86 will not actually use a full 4GB but, x64 will use whatever amount there is available regardless of what the OS is, as long as the machine supports 64-bit.


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