Windows 7 Need major help with changing from Win XP to Win 7


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So here is the story:

I had Win XP on my desktop and wanted to upgrade to a copy of Win 7 that I was able to get through school. I got an external hard drive and backed up all my important data. I burned a Win 7 disc from an iso. When I tried to run it from Win XP, I got an error that there wasn't enough room to make a new partition on my hard drive (it was just a single partition made when XP was installed). So I tried to restart and boot from the disc, but after I told it to boot from cd/dvd drive, the computer would just sit there with a black screen. Then I made a huge mistake and deleted the existing partition from inside administrative tools in the control panel. Now I get a BSOD when it tries to load Win XP and just sits there with a black screen when it tries to boot from the Win 7 install disc. I hope I was clear enough about my troubles. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
So I assume you set your DVD drive as the "First Boot Device" in the BIOS?

Sometimes a bad burn can occur with ISO images, especially when doing an OS ISO burn.

That seems to be what it is to me, as I have had clients and friends have the same thing occur.

What speed did you burn the ISO image at? I tell most folks to burn no faster than 8X, I myself burn at 4X for ISO image install burns.

Use ImgBurn, it's free and has a "Verify" feature which will check the burned disc against the ISO image to verify a good burn.
Thanks for the help. I burned another copy of the install disc and that fixed the problem. I was already using ImgBurn, but set the write speed to 4x like you suggested. Worked the first time I put it in the drive. :worship: