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Hey gang,

So, I've always been an ATI fan as far as GPU's go.. I've always had nothing but ATI video cards.. My newest build is an exception though as I decided to go with the BFG nVidia Geforce GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55 (216 processing cores) after my ATI Radeon HD 5870 crapped out only a week after having it..

What I would like to know is what exactly the advantages of nVidia's CUDA technology are and if it's worth it to enable the nVidia physX technology? I've been researching the heck out of nVidia for the past 3 days and I understand most of it but I'd like to hear from someone else that has a high end nVidia card.. ;)

Thanks in advance for any tips, advice you can give.. :)

I have to say, thus far I am very impressed with the results this card is giving me.. I might just have to switch to nVidia permanently.. ;) We'll see..

How exactly did your ATI 5870 crap out ??? ATI 5000 is the most advanced technology so far!!!

FPS-wise, ATI 5870 is MUCH faster than GTX 260.



NVIDIA PhysX Quick Test

* PhysX driver on: Overall Performance score 7493 - GPU score 6029

* PhysX driver off: Overall Performance score 5823 - GPU score 6022

PhysX by NVIDIA - A review of what to expect

Not that PhysX gives you huge boost, it provides smoother and more realistic effects like:





Cuda is a mighty technology, but it looks like not many apps are Cuda-optimized.


CUDA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NVIDIA GPU Computing & CUDA FAQ | GT200,GTX 280,GTX 260,CUDA,PhysX,Tesla,F@H,heterogeneous computing,Questions and answers about NVIDIA heterogeneous computing with the GPU and CUDA. | Benchmark Reviews Performance Tests

CUDA nVidia Graphics Processor Parallel Computing Benchmarks - Roy Longbottom's PC benchmark Collection


The BIGGEST advantage of NVIDIA over ATI as I personally see it is NVIDIA's better Antialiasing quality. Especially you can notice this when comparing the two brands' dynamic rendering. Static pictures are pretty similar, but when you are moving in a game ATI's AA appears kind of too "wavy" sometimes.

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