need some help here

hey guys, I just joined the forum today, and I would like to know if it is worth upgrading from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium for $50. i haven't had very many problems with vista, but could you guys give me the big stuff? i already know most of the small things.:)

is anyone gonna help me out?


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If you have been using Vista and enjoyed it, you will find it very familiar.

Depending on your needs and equipment , you might not notice all that much difference.

Probably worth installing RC7100 even if just for a while - to see if you think it's worth it. T

That will be Ultimate though, and don't forget it will be a clean install , so will seem snappier than something you have had installed a while.

There also won't be any manufacturer bloatware on a clean install - you may well have a ton of that junk if you currently have a pre installed Vista.

Be careful to take that into account - many don't.

I think it's worth it for $50.

i do like vista, it's just that this seems like such a steal! it's supposed to be a great OS, but my dad doesn't agree. oh well, it may not actually be worth it since i really don't have a problem with vista.

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