need some quick help, please...

i am living and working in fiji, so just to let you know i don't have a lot of resources at my disposal. i have an old office system running xp, with some important files, folders and programs on it. we just purchased a new win 7 machine. for those in the know, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET ALL OF THOSE FILES, FOLDERS AND PROGRAMS OVER TO THE NEW SYSTEM, WITH THEM STILL WORKING?
i was thinking about using acronis true image home. but i am worried about it working properly since i am going from xp to win 7. any advise is greatly appreciated, as i need to complete this today. thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help.


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I answered this (to you) on another forum. But, for continuity, copied over.

You might get lucky with some third party small programs, but I am afraid, for the majority, you will have to reinstall the programs. You will have to specify here exactly which folders anf files you mean to transfer, in order to get a meaningful answer here.
Acronis will do the job, if you are thinking of transferring a complete image but, as you realise, with different hardware on your machine, you willh ave big ongoing problems with drivers etc.
data and private material will not be a problem.
I would personally go for the "easy transfer" approach,

and keep my fingers crossed.

yeah, i posted on three or four different forums to be able to compare the common denominators of the answers i would get. most of it went really well, but the main problem i am having is with ms outlook. now i didn't load office onto the win 7 computer until after i had finished doing the transfer. would that cause a problem? on the old xp computer, he has loads of contacts and emails in outlook, but the new win 7 computer won't even let me load outlook. it continues to go back to the logon screen, and then gives me a message about needing to access exchange at least once before i can use the offline functions of outlook. however, i am online, so i don't understand this. any help is appreciated.

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