Need Step-by-Step Instruction


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how to record my voice for 5-10 minutes, save to my hard drive and send as an attachment to an E-mail.
I have Windows 7 and I use Google Chrome 95% of the time.


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You can use this very efficient and free thing: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder just record, save and send with a click of a button.
Do you have to save it to your computer first?

Easy. Do you have a microphone, or are you using a laptop with one built in? If not you can get a set of PC headphones cheap. Just make sure they're for the PC, they'll have a green (headphones) and pink (microphone) plug on them, or you could buy just the microphone. Then plug them both in and go to Start - Programs - Accessories - Sound Recorder. If you can see the green bar moving when you try saying something you're ready to go. Hit Start Recording and when you're done hit Stop Recording. It'll ask you where you want to save the file. To make it easy, save it to your Desktop. I just did a quick test and it saved the file as a 96bit WMA file.

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