Windows 7 Need to be able to change display modes for connected LCD's (nView's rip)


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May 16, 2009
I changed from XP to Seven about a week ago. I got customed in XP with the ease of use of NVidia nView, as I was easily able to change the refresh rate for my secondary display from system tray icon menu. I have 24" LCD and 47" 1080p60/24Hz HDTV as a secondary display. I need to be able to change (preferably with moderate ease) between 24Hz (23.976) and 60Hz modes for the HDTV connected to DVI2, as per watching 1080p movie files coded 23.976 frames per second.

The NVidia Windows 7 drivers (185.85) does come with nView, sort-of. It will not install with the drivers, though you can locate nView files in the c:\nvidia\etc... folder. When you unpack the and run the appearing nViewSetup.exe, you get strange nView 120.99 installation app. It runs the installation, but you get no sign of nView installed on the system. I mentioned strange becouse when you Google nView version 120.99 there's practically no results. It's like nobody even regognized the existence of that version. I know the nView is probalby not meant to work in anything else than XP, and as I recal I might've read that it's development has been ended by NVidia by some time ago. But it makes me think why it's still attached to the Seven driver files...

So, I'd need to get some app with which to change, preferably easily, the display modes for the two connected separate display devices. The built in Seven's "Screen Resolution" configuration menu is a pain, at least compared to what I've been used to with nView in XP. And it actually doesn't even work. When I create a 24Hz custom resolution in NVidia Control Panel for the 1080p HDTV and go to Screen Resolution's config it does't work correctly. When I try to change the 60Hz to 24Hz for that display it forces the the colors to 256.

I also liked overall the settings nView provided in XP. Like separate wallpapers for each display. And lot's of other adjustments and stuff that just not available anymore.

Windows 7 RC (B7100)
BFG GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB
DVI1: Dell 2408WFPb 24" LCD
DVI2: LG 47LG6000 47" 1080p-HDTV
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