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I would loke to know if I have the audasicity to question why a thread was closed, will I be banned for life? I was a member of another Vist, Win7, Win8 forum. As such I started a thread asking where or if possible to obtain a download or install cd of Windows XP Media Center 2005 retail. The reason that I was looking for it was because that what was on my HP laptop prior to sending it to a third party for repair, when it came back it had Windows Media Center 2002 OEM version installed on it. The thread was being discussed and as such the legality of it came up., I of course injected that I was definately not interested in any illegal activities. Another member brought up that it was not illegal to download the OS, just the key and such. Another member asked if he could post a link to a download; the thread was closed by a moderator saying that a link would not be tolerated.
Unable to PM the moderator I did as their own site instructed, if unable to PM or obtain an answer. start a new thread. I started a new thread advising that I was unable to PM and asking why the thread was closed as there was no link posted but only question asking if they could post a link, they never ever said that it was a torrent link. The Moderator assumed that it was going to be.
Next thing I know I'm banned for life with no reason given. I can only assume it was because I had the audasicity to question a moderator. I PM'd a adminastrator from the sister forum asking why I was banned and I was banned from there. From all appearences it is Ghestopo at it's best. I read and reread the forum rules and I did absolutely nothing wrong.
Anyways I am asking if that is going to happen here. If it ever gets to this point again that I have to ask why a thread was closed will I be banned?


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Hi so if I'm understanding correctly you want a .iso file for windows xp, to reinstall using the COA on your laptop? Contact the manufacturer of your laptop and ask them for the install media, there should only be a minimal charge for shipping. This way you at least get piece of mind knowing your windows install will be clean and not modified in any way.

Thank you for the reply.
I'm not sure that I undestand, confused really? The laptop is a HP9000 that had Windows XP Media Center (Retail) 2005 on and as such had/has the sticker on the underside of the laptop with the keycode. As you may know this particular laptop had a heat problem which sequenced thru a series of problems before it died. As it is not the newest laptop it of course would not be covered by warranty if I returned it to HP; rather expensive. I was going to put it up on ebay when I came across a ad for the repair of the problem/problems for a very reasonable fee, so I gave it a shot. The 3rd party did indeed fix the problems with a new GPU but when I got it back it had Microsoft XP Media Center (OEM) 2002, SP3.
I have a valid key for 2005 retail version, bought & paid for, HP is not going to give me that version are they, or are they because that is what was installed on the laptop when they sold it.
So everyone knows I am not looking for an illegal copy or download site if it is illegal. I have a valid key and have no need to do anything illegal. My understanding is the difficulty comes into play because of it's age.
If this becomes a extremely difficult task, I can consider the possibility of going to Win7 or waiting for Win8 because I understand that no matter what I do I am going to have to do a clean install.
For now it's the principle of the thing.


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Firstly, it sounds like you were treated harshly at the other forum.

Secondly it sounds to me like the person who fixed the gpu owes you a copy of xp media.

Did you actually ask them to replace the os?

Lastly I would highly recommend that you upgrade before moving to windows 7. Your lappie sounds way too old, sorry.

As nmsuk rightly say's, contact HP for replacement disk.

To answer your questions:

Yes they did, and from what I can see they have removed the entire thread so noone can see their antics.

The laptop was sent to the 3rd party for repair for known problems not to replace the OS. It was suggested that the 3rd party had to do a recover and that is why 2002 was now on there, but my contention is that it had 2005 on it and the authenication sticker with key validates that that is what came with it new, so if a recover was done then it would have restored it back to 2005? I'm not techie on HP recover or it's products that is why I am asking for this help. That's what I am trying to clarify, since retail 2005 was installed initially on it, HP will give me (for a small fee) 2005 retail verison just like I had before?
As might be obvious I have never had to deal with HP before, guess will give it a shot.

Thank you


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Must concur with all the above comments . I have never known anybody banned from this forum for a honest question . We come down like a ton of bricks on illegal activity but not honest questions .

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