need to run a fresh install?

I've tried about five times to install 7, and it resets in the final step every time around 62/63% and then reverts back to vista. I've looked into the 62% bug, but I dont see anything in the log to indicate this. I have deleted all the programs it recommends, minus symantec endpoint protection, as I have no way to get the software back if i delete it. Is my only real option installing windows 7 as a clean install rather than an upgrade? If so, is there any special way to migrate all of my files from my external hard drive to the fresh OS after installation? Thanks.

Just a folder or a file at a time and reinstall your programs.

Do away with symantec


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I don't mean to blow you off,. but there are many different solutions if you just Google install stops at 62%

And ,. yes get rid if Symantec

The only thing is that every 62% issue I have read about seems to involve the installation simply stalling at 62%, whereas mine restarts then goes back to vista. Is this a different issue altogether or the same thing. Sorry for my ineptitude, this is my first time ever installing a new os.


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When you first began installing did you select the Advanced box (which would be a "clean" insatll rather than the top box which is an upgrade?

See gtapghic below:

If the setup installation error file tells the above and exact error for installation hang at 62% or 72%, then there is an workaround to get rid of this problem and continue with the installation process. Remember that this installation failure happens during Windows 7 upgrade from Vista only.
Fix Windows 7 Install Hangs at 62% or 72% Error

  1. Reboot your computer for the system to roll back to Windows Vista OS
  2. Navigate to Start >> right click on Computer >> Properties >> Advanced Settings >> Environment Variables
  3. Under System Variables, click New >> press ENTER
  4. Type in the following variable information:
    Variable value: IphlpsvcMigPlugin.dll

are many different solutions if you just Google install stops at 62%
And ,. yes get rid if Symantec
Seems to me that most of the solutions involve turning off an av program or firewall or malware program because those kind of programs are detecting Vista is being "taken over" and bring it to a halt.... at something %... and Vista is being taken over when you try to upgrade to 7.

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