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Long story short, I have to get rid of W7 to go back to XP. I don't want to, but my office won't work, and I need to format anyways. I lost my XP boot disk, but found one to use later on. When I tried to boot, it said that it couldn't find any hard drives to install on. Anyone know if this is a W7 problem? Or know where I can get another boot disk to try out?
You've probably got a pre SP3 windows XP disk -- you need to find XP SATA drivers (and probably the Intel Chipset drivers for your Mobo) and then Slipstream these with your XP disk.
The easy way to di this is install a program called nLite and refer to one of the zillion Google references to Slipstreaming Windows XP.

As I'm feeling kind tonight here's probably the best link for doing this
How To Slipstream SATA Drivers Into XP CD

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