Need uninstall help please

I just installed 7 home premium 32 bit on a brand new pc, but i also have the 64 bit i would like to install now instead. How do i do a full uninstall of the 32bit? it doesnt seem to work the old way of just putting the 64bit disk in and overwriting. Basically i have no idea how to uninstall the 32bit and reinstall the 64bit :( or how can i format the drive so as to just stick in the 64bit disk?

Thanks guys

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Basically you just pop in the DVD and go ahead. As you have already installed 32Bit, I assume you know your way through the initial install procedure. Choose customise and then format the existing partition/hard disk.
But, before leaping in there, why don't you create another partition and put up a dual boot. You can then have the opportunity to examine both and decide which you prefer. The installation will automatically arrange the dual boot for you. Again, choose customised install and make sure you install to the empty partition.

So i just put in the 64bit dvd and it should run? Ive tried that but my dvd rom is showing that theres no disk in it. Not sure whats going on there. Or have i missed something?

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What happens if you try to boot off of the 64bit DVD?

awesome, sorted it out, thanks a million guys :D


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No problem!

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