need way to get rid of "connectivity" thing....


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I have HP CQ56 laptop, with 64bit windows 7.

Sometimes, when there is no web page, I have a device which pops up telling me I need ways to connect (CDMA, broadband, mobile, etc). This thing won't let me use the browsers (I use IE, GOOGLE, and CHROME). Tells me I have to into tools and uncheck work offline. I'm wired into Wild Blue satellite internet. It's available 24/7.

Please tell me the simple solution to how to get rid of this problem.

Something has told your browser to "Work Offline".
Wild Blue has nothing to do with it, other than, if WB is not available, your browser will ask you if you want to work OFF-LINE.
(I used Wild Blue myself, for a few years, before I finally got CABLE)
Wild Blue's download cap was a real killer. I wasn't even aware of it till
one day they shut me off, for over-use. It was actually several days
before I could get back on-line. That was a real PITA, since I use the
internet for my computer business.

Have you ever tried Mozilla Firefox as your browser?

Good Luck,
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Through sheer incompetence I found and fixed it.

What it is a pop-up auto dialer window. I was using dial up before I got Wild Blue. This was a carryover from that. Seems on the settings for dial-up you can set it to "never dial a number". That's what I did. Now, it totally leaves me alone.

Yes, having Wild Blue is better than using dial up. Still not as good as DSL or cable. It's all we can get out here in the toolies. Hopfully Frontier will be able to offer us DSL soon.

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