Need Win7 64bit, WMC Compatable SD Capture Card - USB or PCI

Hi all!

I am looking for a Windows 7 64 bit, WMC compatible capture card that has S-video/Composite and Stereo Audio inputs. I am looking to set up an IPTV receiver in Windows Media Center. PCI-E is not an option as I am out of those slots. TV is not necessary - just a simple capture card for SD (480i) video. Even an old card would be fine - I would be happy to search eBay once I know of one that will work.

I am currently using a DIAMOND One Touch Video Capture USB 2.0 VC500 to capture video from the IPTV - but it is not seen in WMC, so I have to start recordings manually.

What really has me stumped is the fact that this above capture device actually showed up ONCE in WMC. Nothing since - go figure.

Thanks in advance!

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