Windows 7 Neforce 2 USB


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May 8, 2009
Hello I'm having a problem with win7 not seeing files on thumb drives or any external hard drives? I do have the updated driver for for Nforce 2 chipset it does pick up all my input devices no problem, but not mass storage devices.
Did this start after the initial install?

Is there any error message you receive?

You can't see any files?

Try going to Control panel > Device manger and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Any yellow flags under this section?
Strange, it shows up in Explorer, yet no files.

What brand is it?

Do you have other USB devices connected that do work?

Does any other entry have a flag?

I'm sure you've tried different ports, correct?
It's a kingston and yes I also tired other brands still no good. my Mouse and keyboard work great. but no mass storage devices work.
Look in Device Manager again and let me know if any other devices have any flags.

Is there any way you can take a screen capture of that particular area and attach it back here?

Try the sniping Tool
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