nero 6

when I click run program, Nero then goes briefly to the option I selected, then disappears and I am left back at the Nero screen I started with.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I really don't want to have to upgrade if at all possible.


this picture is what i seen when 1 secend before it disappear

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Joe S

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Well Nero 6 is outdated now that there is a new version out. Did you check on their site to see if there are any updates? I found a update pack to make my Roxio Creator 2009 work it's outdated now by a new version too.

every nero version i been trying to activate at my computer were faild!
and i really need nero6, cause the other nero programs are complicated and i know nero6 very well
why shall i learn something new?
any other solution?

could u tell me how can i burn movies(avi files) for dvd disc at win7?
i need to burn also songs for MP3.
also if u can explain me how can i burn iso files would be great.
thanks alot:p

Joe S

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Did you check Out Windows Media Player? I doubt it will work but did you try installing Nero in compatibility mode? Right click on the install icon and select properties then find compatibility mode.

yes i been trying it but still doesn't works
i can't use any nero version at my computer seems that i need to find out another burning software
cause windows7 burning tool is very complicated

ok i didn't know that i can burn mp3 and movie files on WMP thank you by let me know that.
about ISO files i didn't understand ,what did you mean?
how exactly i supposed to burn it?
can you explain me by simple word and not with canadian slang or shortening word?


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Sorry, 'roman12345'.

Go to the desired .iso file. Right click on it. Top of the menu you get says Burn disc image, left click on that.

You might care to take a look @ this, see if you find it less complicated,

Can add it to Windows 7, if you want.


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I really like imgburn. It just works well. For help on using it click: Help - View ImgBurn Guides... There are very well documented tutorials for everything needed. Since I found it I wouldn't touch Nero with a ten foot stick.

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It could be they're asleep. I don't know.

thanks drew this software is great exactly like nero6 :D

i have a question

what is the difference between these" cd cd dvd dvd

i guess that audio cd is for music and data cd and data dvd is for movies,but what is the diffrence between video dvd and data dvd? and why there is no audio dvd at that software?
my burner is for dvd. does it mean that i must burn just on dvd and not on cd?
i remember i burned windows xp at disc on "data cd"
and it didn't work to me,and when i burned on data dvd it's work very well.
do i must burn on dvd?


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You're right about the audio cd. It'll play in a cd player. Data cd's and dvd's need to be opened by a computer. It's for pictures, program files, documents and other stuff used on computers. A video dvd is a movie to be viewed with a dvd player. I'd imagine you could burn a music dvd too but I never have.

ImgBurn Support Forum -> Guides

These are the tutorials i mentioned in my previous post.

so if i burn movies files at data dvd instead video dvd than it wouldn't work with dvd player?


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so if i burn movies files at data dvd instead video dvd than it wouldn't work with dvd player?
The only way I've ever burned movie files is as a video dvd. I don't know if data dvd would work or not. I don't think they would though.

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