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My .Net Framework config file got corrupted. I tried to delete my .Net Framework folder 2.0 but most of the files can't be deleted. Same with 1.0.

I'd like to install ver 3.5 but it won't complete the installation.

How can I delete the 1.0 & 2.0 .Net Framework folders and files so I can start all over and install 3.5?



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Well, I was able to delete all of the .net files and I went to the MS .net website and tried to install 3.5 .net but it won't complete the installation - it says it encountered a problem and can't finish - any other idea's now? Thanks


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What's the problem? You don't talk about any error codes...For all I know, Dep or a missing security update may be stopping you from going through... http://www.technibble.com/forums/showthread.php?p=35421 (Aaron Stebner's Web Logs can be very helpful) These people tried a few things you might try...


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Here is an image of the error msg I get when I try to install .net 3.5


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These tools may help you out: They won't let me give the link direct. You would need a pass code to get in direct. Go to your search and look up "Health Stewarts blog: Updated log collection utility available. It is designed to assist you in finding installation errors.
http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/netfxsetup/thread/191b3373-f7fa-4d49-b320-b8632ad8d291 (IMPORTANT !!!)

(The Unauthorized Version: Cleaning up NET Framework v2 in Vista just in case you don't know about it...)


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You shouldn't be deleting these older versions as some programs still rely on the older version due to the simple fact that version 3.xx was not out yet when they were developped. . They were built using lower version of Visual Basic or Visual Studio.

these are not all backward compatible.

As Celestra has pointed out, you need to repair them, not delete them.

This could be the exact reason you're getting the error messages.

If it wasn't that long ago and you haven't installed much software, I'd do a system restore.


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My system isn't new so a system restore is not an option.

Someone said the Vista SP1 installs the .net framework. I downloaded the VSP1 but it wouldn't install because I already have it installed :-(


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If you have the vista install disk then change the boot order to boot from disk and then choose repair. This will take some time to complete but unless you want to do a fresh install then this may be your only option..

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