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Hi, my situation is this:

imagine a place with 6 computers, they all have the same windows 7 ultimate instalation.

one of them has a printer, a LX-300, shared as "pacote".

I want to print remotely, using net use command.
I write net use lpt2: \\\pacote
it gives me back: OK.

if I write net use, it appers as "OK".
but, when I type dir >lpt2
I receive access denied.

man, i`ve tried everything: I changed permissions on the printer, putting "everybody" allowed to do everything, put down the firewall, changed the specifications in advanced network settings
but, I still get ACCESS DENIED.

now the funny facts: ONE of the computers is able to print!!!!!!!!
TWO: is you put a windows XP computer, it is able to print!!!!!
the problem is with the windows 7 computers, and I don`t know why.

I wonder if anyone knows this answer.



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the computer where the printer is installed has the UAC configuration turned OFF (i hate that!)
and the terminals, which are trying to print on it, either


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Based on my earlier experience, you could try the following:
- disable IPv6 in adapter properties of all the W7 computers (known Vista/XP "net use" problem)
- set all computers to the same workgroup, and name that "WORKGROUP" (known W7 RC problem if workgroup was names "MSHOME" or anything else than "WORKGROUP")


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I`ve checked, and all computers are in WORKGROUP.
I disabled the Ipv6 as well (unchecked its box).
restarted, but it still did not work.

just for adding: the computer that I said earlier that was working, now is NOT.
and the windows xp terminal, continues to work perfectly.

another note: all windows 7 in this problem have no updates from microsoft, they are virgin instalation (Am I being understandable? sorry `bout bad english... lack o practice).

I did try another thing
I tried to set a variable in Windows, like this: set lpt2=type [[arquivo]]>lpt2 (as it is working with my system, in vista), and I get again the ACCESS DENIED thing....

another thing: I tried to install the printer (it works) on Windows, and then net use it again: for example, my ip is, so i installed the\pacote in Windows, then shared it as epson, then did a net use lpt2: \\\epson

and, this does not work, I don't know or understand why.

well, I hope someone helps me ;)

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