NetBIOS names

I have three computers with XP, Vista and Win7 in home network.

I cant access always Vista and Win7 from XP by name, only by IP address.
I suspect it's some NetBIOS refresh issue.
Can someone help me?


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The default configuration is for NetBIOS to be configured by a dhcp server and the dhcp will send the client computer the local network WINS server to resolve the NetBIOS names. In a home network you probably don't have a WINS server so you will need to reconfigure the network adapter on each computer to NetBIOS over TCP/IP this way allow the computers to use what is called a B-node which allows the clients to announce and discover other NetBIOS hosts and resolve them.

It's pretty much the same process to configure this on XP thru Windows 10
  • Click on Start, then Control Panel

  • Click on Network Connections

  • Right click on your network adapter and select Properties

  • Select TCP/IP or TCP/IP v4 on Vista on newer

  • Click on the WINS tab and select NetBIOS over TCP/IP



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