NetFlix Customers with PS3 No Longer Need Disc


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While completely unrelated to both personal computers as we know them, here is a good one for NetFlix subscribers who rely on their Playstation 3 console to stream content via the NetFlix "instant streaming disc" to watch Internet-based movies.

This just came down the pipeline:

You no longer need the Netflix instant streaming disc to instantly watch unlimited TV episodes & movies with your PS3. Choose from thousands of movies & TV episodes on your PS3.
Get started!

1) Go to PlayStation® Network section of the main menu.
2) Simply install Netflix from the "What's New" area.

That's it. There's no need to send the disc back to Netflix.

Watch instantly as often as you want, anytime you want without needing the instant streaming disc.


Source: Netflix: Rent as many movies as you want for only $8.99 a month! Free Trial

NetFlix is a North American based movie-by-mail rental service. They also offer unlimited Internet-based streaming of many movies and television series online through their website. Since not everyone has a computer connected to their television, Playstation 3 owners are able to use the WiFi card and, up until recently, a special disc sent by NetFlix, to gain access to the NetFlix online catalog. Now that software is available as a free download on the PS3 hard drive at no additional cost. Cinema, and usually HD quality content can be streamed via broadband at no additional cost, and without any disc media inserted into the console's disc drive.

(This is not an endorsement of NetFlix - just some interesting news about changes to the service. Enjoy)


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Just came to Canada not long ago - no disc required except for on Wii.. still waiting for Xbox support.. :\

for $7.99 a month, you definitely can't go wrong! :)

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