Netflix in Windows 7 Media Center

I have installed Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and it has Media Center. But I can't see any way to access Netflix. Is Netflix support available on Windows 7 Media Center?

I have installed Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and it has Media Center. But I can't see any way to access Netflix. Is Netflix support available on Windows 7 Media Center?
Go to the following link:

Microsoft Windows: Netflix in Windows Media Center

I already set it up, and it works great.

Not yet. But keep your eye on this site, as this is the guy that created the Vista Netflix plugin for MCE

Anthony Park :: 100% Geek Content by Volume
Anthony Park :: Software
Anthony Park :: 100% Geek Content by Volume » New Vista Media Center Plugin - MyNetflix (beta)

BTW, this plugin doesn't work for W7. I already tried.
It does work in WIN 7.

I set it up.
See the link:
Microsoft Windows: Netflix in Windows Media Center

That was a long time ago when I posted that info regarding the Netflix hack. Like you found, Netflix is now available via Microsoft. I didn't have to do anything as it came with one of the system updates. :)

I have windows 7 ultimate using media center netflix plugin. I signed up for netflix and it worked for almost a week with no issues at all until midnight Feb. 16th 2011. Now when I run it I get logged in and can view all titles and what is in my instant Que but when I go to play a movie or show it now says this:

Navigation to webpage has been canceled.

I have tried everything from rebooting to down grading silverlight, calling netflix and reinstalling windows to no avail. Does anyone have a clue as to how to fix this?

Re: Netflix in Windows 7 Media Center- Page Cancelled when trying to play

Had the same Netflix in W7MC problem after Feb 16th which coincided with a Silverlight automatic update. After about 10 restores back to earlier points and messing around with uninstall -reinstall of silverlight I called Netflix. They said it's a WMC issue and it needs to be re-installed. Followed the instructions here How To Reinstall Windows Media Center In Windows 7 to turn it off and then turn back on. It's not a true re-install, but it worked. Good luck!

\I was looking for hours for a solution and this worked perfect on 2 of my computers. I have been having this issue in the past day after I reinstalled my Windows 7 on my laptop. I have been scouring through links to fix this and none of them worked until I came across this awesome info that fixed my problem. The link is here:

And here are the instructions that are listed there:

How to Fix Missing Netflix and Internet TV on WMC (Revised, new DNS server sources)
You may have the issue that surfaced recently (December 2010-January 2011) that the standard FAQ steps will not fix.

First, you will need to change yours DNS servers to resolve the issue. The theory is that somewhere along the line, caching DNS/proxy servers have corrupt/bad information that impacts some users and/or that MS has some bad servers on their server farm).
Go to which will automatically determine the best DNS servers based on your IP address. Pick two and carefully get the IP addresses. <- Apparently not available as of 3/28/2011.

Here are some sources for alternative DNS servers. Please note, I have not tested these.

Next, you will need to change your network settings on your Windows Media Center PC(s) to use these. This will override any settings on your router and/or the DNS settings provided by your ISP via DHCP:
1. Start Menu, Control Panel
2. Select "Network And Internet"
3. Select "Network and Sharing Center"
4. Select "Change adapter settings" on the left side of the screen
5. Right-click your network adapter and then select properties from the menu. (For example: "Wireless Network Connection" or "Local Area Connection")
6. On the Networking tab, double-click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
7. Check "Use the following DNS server addresses"
8. Carefully type in the DNS Server IPs you want to use.
9. Click Ok and Ok again to exit.

After doing the above, open an administrative command prompt
1. Select start Menu, then Programs, then Accessories

2. Right click "command prompt" and select Run as Administrator
3. Type into the command window

ipconfig /flushdns

and then press [enter].
4. then type in:

cd \ [enter]

cd c:\Windows\ehome [enter]

start /wait mcupdate -uf [enter]
Wait a bit and Netflix and Internet TV menus should appear when you open Windows Media Center
If the above does not work, please post to
I suggest you watch this thread/subscribe to it via email in case a permanent solution is found so that you can revert your DNS to normal settings.

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