Netintelligence removed, but it still creates files ??

Paul Lima

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I recently got a laptop with Netintelligence pre installed,
i didnt have the password so i had to use 'Autoruns' to remove it by force
I have successfully removed all known entries of that program (inc the Reg)

But after looking in my system with hidden files visible i noticed its still logging
my every movement on the net..

It keeps on creating a folder NetIntelligence Home\IncFiles and filling it will
10000's of DAT files, i can delete it no problem .. but as soon as i connect
to the net it created the same Folder path and creates 10000's of the same files

is there a way i can stop this once and for all ?
what program is collecting this data ?
(i have a auto runs .txt of everything i have running on my comp if need be)
thanks in advance

(C:\ProgramData\NetIntelligence Home\IncFiles)

Paul Lima

New Member
Thanks, but as i said have removed all known entries of that program,
Changed protocols,uninstalled,removed Registry data,removed relevant system 32 dll's
there is no trace of that program\software on my comp
(unless its hiding somewhere else or called something else)

this is a far more complex problem,
ive spent days searching the net, but cant find anything

(people who have followed those online tutorials probably have the same problem
as i do but haven't noticed it yet)

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