Network Adapter Works On Vista... but not 7

I dual booted the system and I am running Windows Vista and 7. The wifi is working perfectly for vista but not for 7. When I try installing a driver, I cant find the one that Vista is using for the network adapter. Any help?

Hi guy
why not on the W7 do an "Upgrade" from VISTA -- this often fixes the driver problems.
You can still dual boot.


how can i upgrade windows 7?

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upgrade win7

You can upgrade win7 by just using the disc that you used to put the original on . Just make sure you're computer is set to look in your CD or DVD hardware before it boots from the C" drive. When you are asked to select the "upgrade" or "custom" use the "Upgrade".

Small warning.!!!! I did the upgrade and had all kinds of problems with it. That did not surprise me though as the original would not allow IE8 to open among other things. I downloaded another copy of win7 and did a clean install and soved the problem . It is working well without any glitches at this time.

Just noticed you were referring to an upgrade from Vista and I am talking about using another hard drive to work with.
But even at that if I were you I'd be carfull about upgrading to win7 if you intend to go back to Vista on the same drive. Win7 is I'm sure you realise a "beta" product and sometimes strange things happen with a beta.

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