Network and Sharing Center constantly freezes

Recently I have been experiencing this one issue over and over again, my internet would stop working in the middle of me using it. I would try to click on the wireless icon in the notifications bar and nothing would happen so I would then try and go to the Network and Sharing Center through the control panel and when I click on Network and Sharing Center the explorer that I am in freezes.
I have looked on here to see if this is a common occurrence but I haven't been able to find anything similar to my issue.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
First make sure that you are using the latest driver available from the hardware manufacturer for the specific network adapter (presumably wireless) that you are currently having issues with
Second check with your wireless router manufacturer's website and make sure you are using the latest firmware available for your specific device.
Then a couple other things to try might be to
Change the wireless channel you are using change it from whatever it is currently set to, to 3 or 11 see if that makes a difference.
Change your wireless security settings.
Test it temporarily by running it open (no encryption) see if that makes a difference. Then change it to WEP, then to WPA, then to WPA2 if available.
Proximity is always a consideration, how close or far are you from the wireless router? Is there any potential for wireless interference present from other wireless devices like cordless phones or other wireless networks?
You haven't said whether the computer is portable (laptop) or not. Does it always do this on any network or only on yours (if laptop)?

Thanks for your quick response Randy,

It is a laptop that I am talking about, The drivers on both the laptop and the router are up to date, and it seems to be that it happens on just about any network. But it only happens with wireless not when I wire it. I have run Malwarebytes to check for anything and nothing comes up, as well as Avast and nothing still comes up.

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