Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center page failed to load???


New Member
Mar 21, 2009
Whenever I go to the network and sharing center it says page failed to load, If there is any other way I can enable internet connection sharing it would be greatly appreciated.

Page Failed to load? Have you tried running safe mode? At first glance, I'd say it might be a registry issue.

i'm going to try to run from safe mode and see what happens, thanks for your help.

I hope you don't have CCleaner installed.

nope, I don't hsve it installed

So did the error persist in SafeMode? Worst comes to worst, all you have to do is to reinstall and using the upgrade option.

I actually haven't tried it yet, I'm doing some school work, but when I'm done I'll give you a heads up... Thanks for your concern :)