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    I've been having a problem with a network bridge for a while. In the past, I could make a network bridge, use it, delete it whenever. But a little while ago, I can't quite remember when, I couldn't delete the bridge I'd created. I decided it wasn't that much of a problem, as I had no problems connecting wirelessly and used that almost exclusively.

    Well, I was going to test out OnLive on this computer and remembered that the service only supports wired internet connections. So I tried to delete the bridge and ran into the same problem. On another support forum, I'd seen that several people with the problem had succeeded in solving it by deleting the MAC Bridge Miniport in the Device Manager. So I tried that. While the network bridge icon disappeared, I noticed that my ethernet and wireless adapters both still read "Enabled, Bridged." So I figure that I managed to delete the icon, but not actually delete the network bridge. And now my laptop can't even connect to a wireless network.

    Sorry for the long-winded explanation, but I wanted to make sure you had enough detail to work with. Thanks so much in advance for reading my post and any suggestions you can make.

    Edit: Sorry for the incorrect prefix. I was checking the prefixes and must have not reset it back to "no prefix." If a moderator can fix that, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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