Network Cable unplugged

So about a week after installing windows 7 I got the network cable unplugged error, first it had patchy connectivity then just gave out. im running an old Dell Dimension 4700 with a few upgrades. Anyone have any ideas on solutions?


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Please, to the best of your ability, fill out your system specs, use the "User CP" link at the top of this forum or thread. Without a model number for your machine / motherboard, which version of Win 7, and whether it's 32bit or 64bit and some information about your network adapter, I can only suggest that you check and confirm you have the latest drivers (preferably from the adapter manufacturer's website) for your network adapter, the latest firmware for your router. You can look at this thread from this forum and see if you hardware is similar it would seem that your issues are without more information from you, we would only be guessing.

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Could it be the ethernet cable?
Try replacing it.

I get the same problem, it is not the cable I know this for the fact. If I go to device manager and uninstall the Lan connections and have W7 re-install them then it seems to start fine. Yes I have the latest drivers, I also disable IPV6 for the adapter as this has been known to cause some problems.
I have wireless USB adapter hooked up as a backup incase the LAN on the board does not start I do not have time to fix it.

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