Network can't seem to resolve address from name.

So today I started having this weird error message that my network mapped drive to the server downstairs was no longer functioning. The gist of it is that this setup has been functioning for months without hiccup or problem. The only thing that has changed is I recently converted my routers over to DD-WRT (v17990 for WNDR3400). I'm reasonably certain that this is not the issue since I can still punch in the server's IP into the network browser as \\ and it comes up (I can also ping it, and it shows up in the server browser for the game it hosts), but for whatever reason I can't use the server's actual machine name \\mcs anymore as it gives me a connection timeout issue. So far this is what I've done:

1.) Enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
2.) Attempted to enable Network Discovery, but for some reason on Server 2008 R2 that option doesn't stay on, so I enabled Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication, and SSDP Discovery in the services control panel. This caused the machine to show up in the browser, but it still can't be connected to.
3.)Double checked the subnets just to be sure, they are the same.

The server is attached to router 1 via ethernet. The desktop is attached to router 2 via ethernet, but the two routers connected over a wireless bridge (technically repeater bridge mode according DD-WRT).

I also have a few wireless devices that are connected, but they seem relatively inconsequential. I realize this isn't really a significant problem, but its really kind of annoying. Any ideas?

Try turning off the built in firewall in DD-WRT, maybe it's blocking netbios.


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I believe all routers automatically drop (discard) NetBIOS and BootP packets (UDP and TCP) unless you provision for them with appropriate inbound and outbound rules (pin-holes) ports 137, 138, 139. This is generally considered a negative from a security standpoint but you might want to give it a go if it's important to you.

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