Network connection cannot find driver although I have it installed.

Windwos did not show any network connections in the network connections window. I tried everything that I could find online but nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to reinstall the driver for my Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit network connection. I uninstalled the old driver and then installed the latest drivers but now I get code 31 (cannot find the driver software) in device manager and the connection doesn't work. I'd really appreciate any help :)


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
You need to first acquire the most recent driver for your device (4/8/2011) from here choose your OS version (64 or 32 bit).
Then open device manager and locate the problem device, right click and choose uninstall, when prompted to include drivers select yes.
Run (right click and choose run as administrator) the ProWinX64 or ProWinX32, which ever you downloaded.
Make sure that you have temporarily disable or uninstalled any anti-virus software that might be corrupting or otherwise causing problems with the install.
Keep us posted.

Tried it but didn't work, I still get code 31. Any other ideas?


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Open device manger
Expand network adapters
Select and then right click the problem adapter and choose properties.
Select the "Details" tab
Change drop down arrow from "Device description" to "Hardware Ids"
Right click the "Value" box and choose select all
Right click again and choose copy.
Paste the results into your next post.

Hardware Ids:



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Sorry, I was hoping that the Hardware Ids, would provide some additional insight as to your specific device, but as best as I can determine you have identified it properly and if you followed the link I provided and downloaded the proper 64 bit or 32 bit driver as I suggested above then you have installed the appropriate drivers for the hardware device.
If this is an integrated intel network adapter on and intel MoBo (double check and make sure that the BIOS setting regarding this adapter are set properly (enabled)), then you may have to contact Intel for Tech Support as they may have some specific knowledge as to any known issues regarding this particular adapter and Windows 7 (perhaps a BIOS/Firmware update or a Chipset Revision).
The only other thing that I can think to mention is that perhaps if this device had been working properly at some time in the recent past then you may want to try some older driver versions to see if there is perhaps an issue with the current driver that you have installed.
There is a list here by date, version and OS, you will have to examine each to determine if they are 64 or 32 bit drivers which is stated on the "Overview" tab when you click each instance of the driver packages.
Microsoft Update Catalog
Finally, it may just be a situation where you have a bad device, in which case your options would be either to return it for a replacement or refund or turn it off in the BIOS and purchase an add-on PCI(e), or USB network adapter instead.
Keep us posted as to how you are proceeding
Best Wishes

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