Network connection problems

Hi all,

I've just installed W.7, however I'm having no luck whatsoever connecting to the internet. I use a BT Home Hub wireless connection and my vista works fine with it - but windows 7 can't find the hub at all. When I click on network connections and search for the hub, the screen says 'it may take up to 90 seconds' but doesn't find anything at all. Can anyone help?


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Can you connect to any other wireless networks? You could try update the wireless card drivers on your pc. What kind of wireless card do you have?

No it doesn't find any wireless connections at all - usually there's about 4 which are visible, but not one is showing up. The wireless card I have is an atheros AR5007UG wireless network adapter. I've just dowloaded the updated driver for it - but still no success - I have tried manually adding the connection, but it says windows wireless is not enabled. Don't know where to go from here....


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On some of the laptops here at work there is a switch on the side to actually disable the wireless you have a switch like that?

No, there isn't a switch on this laptop for that - I have windows vista running alongside windows 7, and when I log onto vista there isn't an issue with finding network connections etc, but windows 7 is just oblivious!


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So you are dual booting then? Vista and Win7 on the same machine, or are they on different laptops? If you are dual booting, then I would definitely say its a driver issue.

I tried to look on their official site, but I couldn't find a spot to actually download drivers anywhere.

You could try this site:

Also, which version of Windows 7 do you have? 64 bit/32bit?

Yes I'm dual booting from the same laptop - I created a seperate partition and installed windows 7 on that. It's 32 bit.

I'm going to have a play around with the driver(s) and see if anything works.

Thank you for your help so far :)

Though I don't remember the procedure I used, the only way I can connect is using wep, which if I remember correctly is not how w7 wants to hook up. It seems setting up vista on a lappy was much easier and didn't require allot of fiddling. Probably a driver issue?

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