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In Vista I can't seem to set when the wired network or the wireless adapter should be used. It appears the wireless adapter is always the used, unless I shut it off in mobility center.This appears to be the case even when I have the wireless switch off on the side of the computer.
In short, I want the wired connection to be used when pluggd in and wireless when it's not. Is there a way to do this without having to use mobility center each time? My house is wireless,but I want a hardwired connection at my desk and going to the mobility center each time is a pia!


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You could try googling?

Not much of an answer I know.....sorry

That is what I have set up in my network. Wired for the desktops and wireless for the laptops.
In my case I have two routers, one wired and one wireless. In your case you can just use one wireless router that has the LAN ports also. just set up your wireless router like normal then just connect desktops to wireless router via Ethernet cable. That should do it for you. For me I wanted a more centrally located wireless access point. So I chose a second router (wireless) and set it up in a cascading method. Now I have wireless access through out my house with no dead zones and I can connect wired Ethernet connections to my wireless router if I need to. Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.


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Hi Bassfisher6522,Thanks for the reply. I do have my wireless rourter setup and all is working fine. The question relates to the default set on my laptop. It appears that even when the laptop is operating wired it is still connected wireless. That is indicated by the icon.Unless I disable wireless from the mobility center the icon indicates a wireless connection even through the cable is plugged in. When I do disable it only then does the icon indicate a wired conection.
Now this is not a big problem,but the default appears to be wireless even when wired. The switch to enable/disable wireless on the side of the computer has no effect.Even when the switch is off and the cable is plugged in the icon indicates a wireless connection unless I use mobility center. Again not a big problem,but it is odd. Should not the default be wired when it is plugged in?Could not find anything on Google. Futher the switch will disable wireless when the cable is not plugged in. It's all very odd!!

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