Network Connection Tips (Router Reboots)


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Network Connection Tips

I have been with Windows 7 for a few weeks now and I notice a lot of network issues. I have a Motorola SBG900 Router that would reboot everytime I would come out of sleep mode or restart my computer and intermittent network issues. I have learned a few quick fixes, First disable power management for that network card.

Go to the network card properties > configure > click power management > uncheck all boxes

Next, a few nic cards have trouble negotiating speed in Windows 7, go to the advanced tab and look for a speed setting, change it from Auto or Auto Negotiatie to 100Mbp Full Duplex or your highest setting.

If it still has issues try going to the network adapter settings and unchecking the IPV6 protocol.

Believe it or not the first few tips stopped my NIC card from dropping connection and disabling IPV6 stopped my router from rebooting itself everytime I would go into Sleep mode or restart the computer.


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