Network connects then times out

win7 on my laptop can access remote desktop on my xp server. i then installed win7 on my server. then without doing anything to win7 on the server i can connect for about 5 seconds then it times out.

It will only stay connected for a few seconds. the remote desktop screen goes black, and browsing shared folders will only let me view one or two directories before loosing connection. it just hangs there until it times out

I can access remote desktop from the server to my laptop long enough for the screen to show up, but then freezes.

it doesn't show that its disconnected, just eventually times out.

Thanks for your help.

Well, i guess it was a driver issue. seems to be working. Thankfully realtek had a driver for the wifi card and win7 actually told me what card it was. tho i had to use my laptop to download it.

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