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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by leonardobsjr, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Guys, i have a strange problem in my hands. The problem isn't mapping a network drive. I've successfully mapped and it was working great, until i discovered a stupid but irritating issue: Let's say that i've mapped my folder to the letter E:\ from a local called \\COMPUTER01\DATA, for example. There's a executable there called A.EXE. Then, when double clicking it, it gives me an error "E:\A.EXE is not acessible", but when i try do execute it using the full network path (\\COMPUTER01\DATA\A.EXE), it works!

    Any thoughts on this issue? It's being a pain in the ***...
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    I don't have an answer or resolution to this particular problem and believe me I've tried. I have ran into the same problem with quite a few different applications when using them across the network and have always simply chalked it up to some proprietary peculiarity within the application that hosts the executeable.
    Typically I just work around the issue by creating a new shortcut on the users desktop and use whichever path seems to be the most dependable.
    I've actually seen the same problem in reverse where the app wants a mapped path rather than a UNC path.
    So if you just create the shortcut the user isn't troubled with what or how to type the path to the executeable, it just works transparently and eliminates the pain.
    Hope this helps.

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