Network folder and internet no connection after changing workgroup name.


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I mapped 2 network drives on my pc it was perfectly fine until i changed my workgroup name, the 2 network drives too slow to open and sometimes not responding. I also could not connect internet and unable to receive email. Flushing dns and unplugging LAN cable sometimes works but i don't think this is the right solution. I need help how to solve this issue. Thanks.

OS: windows 7


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If both systems where on the same workgroup and are no longer, that could potentially cause an issue with the mapped drives. You may need to simply re-map them. The workgroup setting should have no impact on a system accessing the internet unless you are using connection sharing through another computer which now-a-days is very rare. I would download the script here. The next time you have internet connectivity issues run the script and upload the log created on the desktop. Network Diagnostic Information


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Yup, that would do it as Neem says. Pour qoi the workgroup name change? Do you have multiple computers in each of 2 or more Workgroups in your home network? Such as a 1st floor workgroup and a 2nd floor workgroup? Why did you change it? In any case, change it back!! You need to do some reading on how LANs work such as this excellent book here: Home Networking For Dummies, 3rd Edition:Book Information - For Dummies