Network Folder Sync - Sort Of

I have two computers, computer A and Computer B, both with windows 7. Folder A is on the hard drive on Computer A. Folder B is on the hardrive on computer B. The computers are networked.

Before the first time sync the contents of computer A folder A is say a b c d e

Before the first time sync The contents of computer B folder B is say d e f g h

I would like to sync for the first time, then on an automatic basis just the folders Folder A and Folder B such that no files ever get deleted from either folder. Folder A should look at folder B and determine it needs to add to itself only f g & h from folder B. Folder B should look at Folder A and determine it only needs to add a b & c from Folder B.

The filnames can be compared using just the filename with extension.

After they are done syncing the first time, the result should be that Folder A contains a b c d e f g h and Folder B contains exactly the same a b c d e f g h.

If a file gets added to Folder A, Folder B should automatically add that same file to itself and vice versa.

Can Windows 7 do this with all of its new networking features? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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