Network Hard Drive works then times out

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by brothernoah, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Dec 29, 2009
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    New Windows 7 64 system build.
    Asus P7P55
    Corsair 4 GB
    Cooler Master 650w
    GTX 275 video card

    I just built the above pc and am having trouble connecting to a network drive. When I initiate the connection it works for awhile then out of no where it just stops. If I try and access the drive I get the blue circle and it sits there. The computer does not lock up and I am able to do other things. If I try and reboot or log off it will hangs at the “logging offâ€Â￾ screen and I have to hit the reset button. The drive is a 1TB Lacie USB drive and is shared from a MAC. I was connecting to this drive with a windows XP computer and never had an issue. In my research on this build I found a few things out and one was that I needed to boost up the voltage to my memory and also boosted the voltage to the Processor. All of these have not fixed the issue. I did read somewhere that maybe it was caused by an inadequate power supply. Other things I have noticed. I have 2 drives in the PC a 250 gig drive for the OS and 1.5 TB western digital drive for files. If I access the 1.5 tb drive sometimes it take a split second and I can hear a click as it powers up. Could the 1.5 TB drive be causing the problem? Or could the power supply not be pushing out enough power? Or is there a network setting on either the windows 7 or Mac box thats stopping the connection after a certain amount of time. I have searched the net and have found nothing and hope someone here may have an answer. Thanks for your help.

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