Windows 7 network icon in taskbar keeps showing no internet connection but i am


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Mar 11, 2009
this just started showing up today. not sure why it keeps doing this?? i'm definitely connected and its just been today that i'm noticing it. anyone else getting this--- today??

here's a capture of my taskbar:

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what's the problem? it is a beta build and an icon is suddenly not working anymore?
relax, update ur build, wait for the rc or just be happy ur connection works...

Network Icon Issue

I also have this problem intermittently. It happens to me during uTorrent usage and I also notice that uTorrent slows down. As soon as I start using my browser it disappears and things pickup again. I am assuming that it is ISP (AT&T) being big brother!!!!

Same here. It stopped working yesterday. Sows not connected but I am. My build is 7077 32bit.

figured out why it was doing this-

bittorrent client running on another computer on my network - stopped when i turned off the computer dl'ing-