network icons missing

my network folder from vista was showing my connected network icons.. it would show icons of each computer connected with computer name underneath, now the icons are not showing in vistas network window...
ive pinged each computer and no lost 0 %, lost = 0 %
they are seeing each other..
on my XP i can run a search and see the vista public folders and transfer.
but from my vista when i go to start and scroll up to network on the start menu, i see no more icons showing my other connected computer.
i dont even see the vistas icons and name either.
network discovery is turned on, file sharing is turned on, public folder tuned on, password protected sharing turned on, set to private network

if i type \\"name of computer" in windows explorer on vista i can see my shared folder from xp and transfer but when i go to the network folder im not seeing my icons of the connected computer anymore, how can i get the icons back and why have they disappeared
yes i am connected to the internet on both computers

- Click Start
- Then Control Panel (may need to select Settings first depending on how you have the Start Menu configured)
- In your Control Panel, double click the Network Connections icon
- Right click on your LAN connection and then select Properties
- Put tick in 'Show icon in notification area when connected'
- Click OK

i cant find the network connection icon in vista , all i have is network and sharing center therefore i cant find the lan connection

Try this to recover the missing icons.

Right-click on My Computer>Manage then click on the services section, Scroll down till you see Network Connections, Right-click>Properties>click Start in Service Status, apply and then re-open the network tab. Your icons should be there.

that service was already started and set to automatic.

still no icons in network folder

try setting to "manual" and see if that makes any difference???

ops it was set to manual... i must have been looking at the service above..

how come the icons just dont want to show..

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