Network indicator disconnected


I have Windows 7 Enterprise installed on a T61 Lenovo Laptop.

a few weeks ago my network indicator started to act funny. no matter if I was connected with wireless or wired connection , the indicator always shows me that it's disconnected , although I am connected and working perfectly with internet or intranet connections.

I've attached some images to show you that all other indicators show me that everything is ok except the little indicator in the right bottom corner.
- Windows troubleshooter doesn't find anything.
- a login with a different user doesn't solve it.
- restart to computer and other services (that are working ok) doesn't help.
- I've started the computer in safe mode with networking and I still have the same issue.

I've fought with this for a bit with no solution .

Can someone help me please ???





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I'd summise that it's displaying result only for the device thats not attached at the time, try disabling the hardware and see what happens when only used device is enabled.

I only have one wireless adapter .

Anyway , when you disable the wired , the wireless stays the same. when you disable the wireless (when connected with wired) you get a disconnected wired (a working wired connection of course).


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