Network Issues on Computer

My issue:

Youtube keeps freezing, pausing and stopping. Downloads keep getting interrupted, and going super slow. This happens on all browsers. Game's disconnect midway. Downloads go from 1Mb/s to 10Kb/s in a matter of seconds. It come's and goes. One minute my internet speed is 10Mb/s next it's as slow as 10Kb/s.

The following solutions have not worked:

Updating drivers
Updating Adobe Flash Player
Re-Installing Adobe Flash Player
Changing Ethernet cables
Swapped Router/Modem
Clean Cookies
Re-Installing Browsers

The issue seem's to lie within my Network Adapter Card. I come to this forum in serious need of help.


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Some information about your setup would help. What devices are you using, how is you network set up, any anti-viruses or Firewalls?

Is this only with internet traffic or internal LAN traffic? Is this you total network connectivity for one download, or could something else be taking up part of it?

Have you spoken to your ISP about the problem.

You can leave Task Manager open and watch the transfer rate. Maybe when it drops you will notice something else going on..

Resource Monitor might also be useful to show what connections are open and if something might be running in the background.

It's just an Ethernet running from my modem/router straight to my PC. All the normal firewalls and Microsoft security essentials. It's all the traffic. All the other computers on this network are fine, It's something to do with my hardware, I just can't pin point what the issue is. I've called my ISP twice, they have tried everything, I bought a new router/modem, and that's when I realised it was my PC.

imgur: the simple image sharer - That is my resource manager, do you think the graph in the red box looks suspicious at all?


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You seem to have a couple of things running that might be involved in the problem. The Pandora Downloader (PMB.exe) and the Bonjour Service (mDNSResponder.exe) could be starting up and using your bandwidth.

You could probably use Msconfig.exe to keep them from starting for testing.

The graph you mention seems fairly normal since the scale is set to 100 Kbps and it shows local activity also.

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