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I have a network with 2 W7s and 2 Macs. They would regularly stop seeing each other and it turned out that there was some sort of issue with the DHCP changing the IP addresses. I was advised to use static IP addresses. So after a bit of fiddling and setting statics everywhere it was all good except for . . . on W7 in the network folder I still have icons for the connections to the Macs which now don't work: "Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found." If I use the "run" and do a \\ it connects fine so I suspect the the details contained within the icon in networking are wrong but I cant work out how to delete it or fix it . . .

any clues out there?



ps - you have to open responses with: Ah . . . Grasshopper . . . . (not really!)


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well i think i have fixed it myself or that is to say

Ah Grasshopper you have fixed it yourself.

I think that it was a far end password issue. The icon in the network folder had a password attached but when the IP addy changed then it threw up the network path error but didnt explain that it was about a password. I used the run line to (instead of \\ which connected fine) \\Off-LINE and it then asked for a password and connected. I then went back to the network folder and it worked fine. Hopefully, with everything now on static, it will be stable for bigger time bites than I have been experiencing.

Happy ending!

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