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Im having big problems with the internet connection to my new computer. although it does say i am connected to the internet via a wireless router it doesnt let me access the internet. it also keeps switching off saying theres a problem with my router????

Heres the catch...i also have another computer in the room with it thats connected to the same wireless router and this computer doesnt have any problems at all connecting to the internet.

Please help...seems like ive wasted my money on a new computer and cant use it...



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Hello Kaine and welcome to the forums.
I think we're going to need some additional information regarding your "new computer" as well as your network setup to provide much in the way of assistance.
Please read the first post here and provide some information regarding your new computer's specs.
Additionally since it might either be a driver issue with your wireless card or possibly a firmware issue with your wireless router we could use some detail regarding the Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number and Revision Number (if applicable) for these components. And any specifics you can provide as to the current wireless driver you have installed regarding the date and version number would be helpful.
You can try some basic things like changing the channel that your wireless router is currently using as well as perhaps temporarily for testing purposes reset your current wireless security to open (none) and see if you can connect that way and then go back in to the router interface and experiment with different security settings WEP, WPA, or WPA2.
Without knowing if this is a laptop or desktop it's difficult to make suggestions. Normally with a laptop I might suggest taking it to a local hotspot to test if the problem is unique to your particular environment. A bit more difficult with a desktop.
The fact that you have another computer working fine in your present environment is of little help, unless of course the other computer is identical in every way. Same OS, same hardware and software installed, etc.,
Keep us posted


Thanks for the reply, when it comes to computers im a little stupid shall we say!! not really good with them at all but ill try and get as much information down as i can.
So this is what i know.....
Manufacturer: Acer
Model: Aspire Z3731
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU
Installed Memory 3.00 GB
System Type: 64 bit operating system

This is a all in one desktop PC and it is the touch screen type. the other computer that i have in the room is a Acer Aspire 5338 laptop and as i say i have had absolutely no problems with the internet connectivity with this one.

Thats about as much information as i can think of giving.




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Go here Realtek
Download, unzip and install this
Utility and Dreiver Auto Installation Program (Support Win2K/XP/Vista/Win7)(Install Shield v1.00.0182) Win7=v1086.48.0809.2011 XPVista=v1084.53.0809.2011 2011/8/22
Good luck and keep us posted.

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Randy, I think there might be a typo in that link



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Not sure why you think that. The link works perfectly for me. Goes to Realtek's site and the exact driver page for the exact driver he needs RTL8191SU. He is likely running the product that came on his computer which is from 2010 and the one that I provided the link for is for 2011. Not sure what the problem with my post might be. Other than my intentionally misspelling the word driver to avoid the ad link software from putting a link in my post that I did not want to be there. The third line is just the description, version and date so he would no which one to download when he got to the page, there are several downloads and some folks get confused.

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