Network keeps changing to Unidentified Public Network

I had problems with my computer not connecting to the network sometimes after restarting my computer. That was usually fixed by simply unplugging and replugging into my outlet. I have a hard wire connection and my ethernet cable gets plugged into the wall and connects to the modem/router (whichever it is) from there. After I reset my computer this morning though, my computer has absolutely refused to connect to the network. I've read at least 5 different posts about this on here but none have helped. I've tried resetting the router/modem and unplugging and replugging in my Ethernet cable. I noticed however in the network center it showed me connected to Network 8 (my standard home connection) for a few seconds but then it changes to unidentified public network and breaks connection to the Internet. Wireless is working fine and I'm infact typing all this on my iPhone 4. I don't know what to do anymore and it's really bugging the crap out of me!:mad:

Nevermind I fixed the issue. One of the posts on another thread said to disable the Bonjour service but that didn't help me. Found it in my control panel while looking for stuff to remove and I uninstalled it. Soon after my connection was back to normal

Hey, I have a similar problem, Every time I turn my computer on the internet connection crashed and my private network will be changed to an unidentified public network, so I have to reset the router and restart the computer and it will change it back to my normal private network. And if I open steam up ( thats a program for gaming) and my internet crashes and changes it to unidentified public network... First it kills my wifi then my wired connection then it show me the unidentified public network. Please help me how did you solve this problem?

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